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Environmental Footprints

Get the Most Value from Carbon Footprinting, Water Footprinting, and Other Footprint Analyses

What’s footprinting?

It’s a close-up view of one aspect of a product or service’s environmental impact – carbon emissions, water use, energy consumption, etc. And despite its tight focus, footprint analysis can provide a surprisingly wide range of useful information.

Footprint analysis can be a great way to introduce sustainability thinking into an organization, as the scope tends to be relatively modest and the results specific and straightforward. And our team has seen many instances where the footprint analysis process has provided broad new insights and metrics, such as:

  1. Compare your offerings with competitive or conventional products or technologies.
  2. Identify options for meeting your footprint reduction targets.
  3. Understand your risks and opportunities as markets and prices change.
  4. Gain insight into innovation opportunities.
  5. Anticipate how new technologies will change as they mature.
  6. Identify new ways to engage your customer base. 
  7. Engage your workforce in impact reduction.
  8. Identify hotspots in your operations - these are also usually areas where you can reduce cost.
  9. Identify hotspots in your supply chain - which are also cost reduction opportunities.
  10. Benchmark so you can understand what direction you’re moving in.

Footprint analyses are an investment. Why not get the most out of them?

If you want your footprint analysis to deliver more than a “check the box” result, contact EarthShift Global today. We’d be happy to discuss what insights can be gained, and how you and your organization can maximize your return on investment.

Footprints are based on life cycle assessment principles. Get more from your footprint by considering a full suite of environmental impacts.

Multiple footprint analyses can be combined into a Life Cycle Assessment (LCA), which provides an even broader look at the interrelationships between impacts and the opportunities for reducing them, along with risks and costs. EarthShift Global’s LCA software and extensive consulting background can make the process faster and easier, and we are committed to friendly, efficient, data-driven collaboration. 

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