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Don’t Deny Uncertainty -
Leverage It!
Building Far-reaching Sustainability Capabilities
through Software, Training, Research and Consulting

Life Cycle Assessment (LCA)

Screening and Hotspot Analysis
ISO-Compliant LCA
Carbon and Water Footprints

Sustainable Return on Investment (S-ROI)

Triple Bottom Line assessment of
traditional and impact investments,
to provide new insights into economic,
social and environmental impacts

Tailored Services and Project Support

1-on-1 Coaching - LCA and S-ROI
Facilitated Workshops in
    Design for Sustainability
Custom Tool Development
Training That Enables Teams


  Our Commitment to You:

  • We will listen closely to your needs, and ensure you receive value
       for your investment

  • We will provide actionable insights that prioritize your bottom line

  • We will be rigorous in our work to protect you from claims of greenwashing

  • Your data and your model belong to you

  • We will help you innovate and grow while lightening your footprint
       on the planet, through new products, services and business models

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  Case Studies

Environmental impacts of HP Indigo Printer
Comparison of Polymer verse Glass bottles
Biodiesel case study
YFY NPULP Case Study

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When you work with EarthShift Global, you work with us:

Lise Laurin

CEO & Founder
19 years experience in LCA, S-ROI

In-depth knowledge: electronics
semiconductors, innovation-orientated sectors

ACLCA Lifetime achievement award, 2017:
VP of the Sustainability Conoscente Network

Sample Project: 3D printing LCA for HP Inc. -
"HP is using it to guide further
developments and moving really fast."

Nathan Ayer, Ph.D.

Senior Sustainability Analyst
13 years experience in LCA

In-depth knowledge: aquaculture, forestry, bioenergy, Certified LCA Practioner.

Author, 12 peer-reviewed journal articles; instructor, Dalhousie Univ., University of Waterloo

Sample Project: Masters' research, land-based aquaculture: "LCA revealed key environmental trade-offs for 'green' technologies."

Valentina Prado, Ph.D.

Senior Sustainability Analyst
10 years experience in LCA

In-depth knowledge: civil engineering, emerging technologies - especially cases of high uncertainty. Decision analysis experience.

Taught Masters-level LCA theory & application at Institute of Environmental Sciences(CML), Leiden University, the Netherlands.

Author, 21 peer-reviewed journal articles.

Caroline Taylor, Ph.D.

R&D Director, Sr. Sustainability Analyst
10+ years in sustainability & LCA

In-depth knowledge: bioproducts, physical systems, chemical engineering, emerging technologies, stochastics/simulation, S-ROI

Experience in modeling and integrated systems (including high-uncertainty cases) & decision-making visualization of complex data & results.

On [email protected]/SFSU Advisory Board & ACLCA policy committee.

David Evers

Senior Sustainability Analyst
30 years of LCA experience

In-depth knowledge: civil, sanitary, hydraulic, & chemical engineering.

Focus on integrating environmental & cost information, life cycle/sustainability for product & process design, decision support, business process modeling.

BS & MS degrees in Environmental Engineering, LCA Certified Professional, extensive publication record.

Juanita Barrera

Sustainability Consultant
2 years experience in LCA

In-depth knowledge: process engineering, land-use change, agriculture.

Sample project: “Life cycle assessment & socioeconomic evaluation of the illicit crop substitution policy in Colombia,” published in Journal of Industrial Ecology.

Earned Master’s degree under Senior Analyst Valentina Prado at Universities of Leiden and Delft.

About Us

EarthShift Global is a woman-owned business, led by Lise Laurin, CEO and Founder of EarthShift. We’re life cycle assessment (LCA) experts and pioneers of Sustainability ROI, helping organizations integrate environmental, social, and economic sustainability into their business and manufacturing operations. We provide customized services, including LCA and S-ROI sustainability software, training and environmental impact assessments, as well as sustainability consulting, through partnerships with clients in industry, academia and government. 

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