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Critical Reviews, LCA and EPD Verifications

If You Need a Critical Review of Your LCA or S-ROI Study or Verification of an EPD, We’re Here to Help.

If you intend to publish the results of your LCA, or use it to support marketing claims or comparative assertions, ISO 14044 requires that LCA studies undergo a third-party critical review process prior to publication.

This process is designed to verify that:

  • The methods used to carry out the LCA are in keeping with the ISO 14040 and 14044 standards
  • The methods used to carry out the LCA are scientifically and technically valid
  • The data used is appropriate and reasonable with regard to the study objective
  • The results’ interpretation reflects the limits that were determined and the study objective
  • The study report is transparent and coherent

As experienced LCA practitioners, our consultants are intimately familiar with ISO requirements and are experts in leading critical reviews. With this perspective in mind, we will make sure that your LCA study complies with all ISO requirements related to data collection, modeling, interpretation and reporting. EarthShift’ Global’s critical review services will effectively enable you to publish an LCA study that will withstand scrutiny and make comparative assertions while avoiding accusations of “greenwashing.”

Depending upon the subject of an LCA study, and the study’s intended use, third-party critical reviews can be conducted by either an external single party or by a panel.

If you seek to publish or support marketing claims related to a single product LCA, it is only necessary to have your LCA study reviewed by a single party. However, if you are using a comparative LCA to support a comparative assertion, ISO requires that the review be conducted by a panel of at least three people, including a panel chair and two other interested parties. It is recommended that these interested parties be independent qualified reviewers with expertise in the scientific disciplines relevant to the study.

Our extensive LCA experience and deep industry and academic connections enable us to select highly qualified critical review panel members. In collaboration with our clients, EarthShift Global’s consultants coordinate the selection of panel members, conduct and participate in the critical review, facilitate communication between panel members and the study team and ensure that the deliverables are completed in a timely manner. 

Interested in more information about our critical review, LCA, and EPD verification solutions?

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