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Branding and Communications

Leverage Your Sustainability Investments through Effective Branding and Communications

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Sustainability has the potential to be a potent brand differentiator – if done well.

Sustainability focused branding and communications can build brand value and reduce brand risk – if done well.

When not done well, brands risk “greenwashing” (criticisms for appearing to be greener than in reality) or “greenblushing” (missed opportunities by not getting credit for authentic sustainability efforts).

Wherever you are on the path to sustainability, we can help you develop effective brand strategies and communications.

Our Branding and Communications services are the right solution whether you are looking for immediate guidance and/or longer-term capacity building in your organization. 

Our proven process leverages your current situation and learnings and identifies areas for additional focus. We can guide you, step by step, in the development of effective branding & communications efforts. We can help you fully leverage the results of your LCA studies, identify winning brand strategies, create compelling and authentic communications, educate and inspire your organization about making a positive difference through sustainability, and more!

Our services include:

Communicating Technical Results

Communicating technical knowledge – such as LCA and S-ROI results – to your internal and external stakeholders in a meaningful and easy to grasp way is vital to building understanding and buy in to your sustainability efforts.  We can help you zero in on what your audiences want to know and how to most effectively communicate your technical results.

Customer and Market Insights

Developing a deep understanding of the customer and market trends provides critical insights to effective sustainable brand marketing. We can help you glean valuable customer insights and relevant market trends to help you assess your current brand position and craft a winning brand proposition.

Competitor Intelligence

As more companies embrace sustainability, the need to understand your competitors and craft a differentiated strategy has never been more critical. We can identify the key elements of your competitors’ business models and efforts and how to consider these elements in the crafting of your own strategies and tactics.

Brand Strategy, Positioning & Messaging

Our team has extensive experience developing differentiated brand strategies and crafting effective positioning and communications. We will guide you on the best practices and steer you away from the common pitfalls.

Materiality and Brand Risk Assessments

A Materiality assessment captures stakeholder priorities and helps steer sustainability strategy and positioning.  A Brand Risk assessment helps screen your current and planned communications, packaging, products, and other efforts for potential risks and opportunities.

Sustainability-focused Training

Ensuring your teams understand what sustainability is, how and why your organization is engaged in it, and how they can contribute to your organization’s progress is fundamental to realizing authentic sustainability.

For your marketing and communications teams, we can teach the fundamentals and advanced best practices of successful, authentic branding and marketing.

For your executive, management, operations, and other teams, we can help develop the knowledge that is key to the engagement of your organization in your efforts. We have extensive experience teaching and guiding sustainability initiatives and will work with you to design a personalized training program for individual contributors and/or teams.

We are happy to discuss your needs and design a custom solution to fit your situation. Please call +1 (207) 608-6228, contact us by email for a personal consultation, or use our consulting and coaching services inquiry form.