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EarthShift Global Sustainability Blog: #ShiftTheEarth

Daniel Gerrior Brings LCA-Focused Chemical Engineering Skills to Our Canadian Unit

Daniel Gerrior Presenting

Work for a mining company piqued an interest in environmental chemistry, and led to Daniel earning an LCA-oriented master’s degree in chemical engineering.


The Link between Health and Sustainability, by Way of Glyphosate and Our Microbiomes

agricultural spreader

Our bodies need healthy microbes, inside and out. GMO crops that encourage heavy use of herbicides work against that.


The Most Important Step in Doing an LCA

Catalhoyuk archeological site, Konya, Turkey

To maximize the value of your LCA efforts, don’t start looking for answers until you’ve figured out the questions


How EarthShift Global Supports the US Solar Power Boom with Robust Greenhouse Gas Assessments for Solar Farm Arrays

Solar Panels with Men

Utility Scale Solar Array PV Project Developers Need Trustworthy Assessments of Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Impacts for Installation Permitting

The Business Case for Sustainability Assessment

Done well, strategies and actions that improve sustainability on the planet and people bottom lines will also improve the profit bottom line. Sustainability assessment can guide the way.