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You Asked, We’re Offering - New from EarthShift Global!

New Offerings Provide Extensive Value to Our Clients

One of the best things about our work at EarthShift Global is supporting our clients who are committed to making their organizations more sustainable and collaborating with them to find new and better ways of achieving that goal.

We’re pleased to announce several new offerings that were developed in response to specific client needs, and were so well received we’ve decided to add them to our service offerings. We’re very excited by the meaningful benefits these new services offer to our clients and the environment.

Organizational LCA

An increasing number of clients have asked us for help with benchmarking to set impact reduction targets and drive toward carbon neutrality. This task is a natural fit for an advanced LCA technique we’ve spoken about before: Organizational LCA or O-LCA, which we now formally offer as a service. Using a life cycle approach to organizational impacts allow us to comprehensively include Scope 3 impacts that have often been more difficult in greenhouse gas accounting. Including those Scope 3 impacts are required for many carbon claims, so an O-LCA is very valuable for that goal.  Learn more about O-LCA here and here.


We often talk about footprints — negative impacts from a product or organization. But sometimes it’s useful to look at what you’re doing right or what contribution your products make to the world. This positive viewpoint, called a Handprint, can help with the motivation to change, and is an increasingly popular topic across the sustainability community.

The newly formalized EarthShift Global approach to Handprinting often involves encouraging clients to consider how their products might solve global challenges in the future. In addition to creating energy around environmental assessments, the results can open up new potential opportunities for the company. As part of one of our Handprinting exercises, we associated the handprints with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. This alignment provides discussion points that carry weight with stakeholders, including employees, customers, and NGOs.

Sustainability Claims Risk Assessment

A number of our clients wanted to make public sustainability claims this year but were unsure about whether the analysis behind them was robust enough, and what the exact approach should be. We’re now offering Sustainability Claims Risk Assessment to help with those concerns. This includes a technical assessment of the analyses and associated reviews by one of our senior staff and a communications/marketing review by our Chief Marketing Officer, Karen Martinsen Fleming who has a stellar background in sustainability marketing. Karen is also available to coach you in your sustainability marketing strategy.

If you are interested in advancing your sustainability, contact us to learn more about how these new services can benefit your organization.