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Welcoming Our New Intern, UNH Engineering Student Giovanni Guglielmi

Giovanni Guglielmi, brings relevant experience and a passion for mitigating the effects of climate change.The arrival of a new summer intern at EarthShift Global is always a happy moment, and this year’s unusual conditions make it especially good to welcome University of New Hampshire environmental engineering student Giovanni Guglielmi. He brings excellent analytical skills, a great work ethic, and a powerful interest in climate change mitigation to our team.

Giovanni, a Massachusetts native, is studying Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) with Dr. Weiwei Mo, UNH’s Roland H. O'Neal Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering. He is nearing completion of an LCA of waterjet cutting machines that evaluates their impact on global warming potential, total water footprint, ozone depletion potential, and other factors. 

In addition to applying that background to LCA efforts underway at EarthShift Global, Giovanni is helping founder and CEO Lise Laurin with a database for a sustainable packaging project, with an eye towards possible creation of a tool for package designers. He’s also learning about Sustainable Return on Investment (S-ROI).

“When I first started, Lise introduced me to S-ROI,” says Giovanni. “I hadn’t learned about it in school, but it’s very intriguing how it connects with engineering economics, and how it can be applied on large-scale projects, and I hope to participate in a project that involves it.”

From an early age, Giovanni has had an engineer’s problem-solving instincts, and he got inspiration from his older sister Micaela, who preceded him in UNH’s environmental engineering program. 

“I came into the program in 2017 because I wanted to be part of the climate change mitigation movement and do what I can to prevent water and air pollution from occurring,” he explains. “I have one more year as an undergraduate and hope to go on and get a graduate degree in a more-specialized topic within environmental engineering. Eventually I’d like to work with a company similar to EarthShift Global that’s involved in researching solutions, or work in a corporate environment to solve problems related to a specific industry or company.”

Last year, Giovanni traveled to Tanzania as one of the project leads on an initiative sponsored by the UNH Engineers Without Borders organization, which works to improve civil infrastructure for vulnerable communities. The trip involved an assessment of the existing water system and people’s needs for the Ng’humbi community.

“We conducted drinking water system quality tests, and a company drilled a borehole for us so that we could collect samples. We also worked with the community to better understand what they were in need of, including prevention of waterborne illnesses — it was an incredible trip,” recalls Giovanni. His team is designing a new solar-powered water system and was scheduled to begin implementing it in person this August, but the COVID-19 outbreak intervened, and remote implementation is now being explored.

It’s a pleasure to have someone with Giovanni’s passion and capability in our organization, and we look forward to a great summer working together!

Pete Dunn is EarthShift Globals marketing consultant and a freelance strategist and writer.

Pete Dunn, EarthShift Global’s marketing consultant is an entrepreneurial marketing and communications strategist and writer, serving clients in academia, technology and B-to-B marketing. His journalism background includes eight years as founder, editor and publisher of WaferNews, the leading news publication for the international semiconductor manufacturing community. He specializes in creative collaboration and translating complex subjects into clear messages that inform and inspire.