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How O-LCA Can Identify Your Organization’s Most Effective Ways of Reducing Environmental Impact

Organizations seeking to reduce their environmental impact typically implement a range of different actions. They may focus on reducing emissions from employee commuting by encouraging carpooling, cycling, or (depending on pandemic conditions) use of public transportation or working from home.


Our Journey with BioGals – Creating a Non-Profit to Build Waste-to-Energy Systems in Central America

We take great pleasure in highlighting inspiring work by sustainability practitioners.


An Alternative for Interpreting Comparative LCAs: Try Ranking the Results Using Multi-Attribute Analysis

We’re proud to share a new publication from EarthShift Global senior analyst Valentina Prado.


Want to Fulfill A Basic Mission of Sustainable Business Thinking? Start Taking Litter into Account in Life Cycle Assessments

One of our principal missions as sustainability practitioners is to introduce broader perspective into business thinking, to reduce impacts and eliminate blind spots and “unknown unknowns.” Today I’d like to offer one small, simple piece of advice for doing this more effectively.


Reflections on Sustainable News from the World Economic Forum in Davos

Global Risks: Environmental Issues are Growing, Complex, and Disruptive


OTR Wheel Green Carbon: Tire Recycling that Works

It’s always a pleasure to work with a company that listens to its customers, and applies creative thinking to help solve the problems they’re facing.


New Perspectives for Green Chemistry

In the traditional linear economy, natural resources are mined from the earth, processed into goods, used until the end of the product lifecycle, and discarded in landfills as waste.