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Our extensive knowledge, breadth of experience in a broad range of industries as well as local and international governments provides a novel, forward looking approach in addition to specific insights – even during the proposal process. So, if you’re looking for a fresh approach that no one else will think about,
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Sustainability-ROI Training
: November 13, 2018 9 am — 5 pm EST, Portsmouth, NH
Led by our founder and CEO, Lise Laurin, one of the field’s most prominent researchers and author of the forthcoming book, Sustainability Return on Investment.
Full-Day Master Classes:
, Online Session: September 4, 2018, 10 AM EST
: April 11, 2018 and again on October 17, 2018, 9 am — 5 pm EST, Portsmouth, NH
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EarthShift Global is a woman-owned business, led by Lise Laurin, CEO and Founder of EarthShift. We’re life cycle assessment (LCA) experts and pioneers of Sustainability ROI, helping organizations integrate environmental, social, and economic sustainability into their business and manufacturing operations. We provide customized services, including LCA and SROI sustainability software, training and environmental impact assessments, as well as sustainability consulting, through partnerships with clients in industry, academia and government. 

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A Look Back: The Evolution of LCA and Life Cycle Impact Assessment

Wednesday, Oct 5th, 2016 in Triple Pundit — By Harnoor Dhaliwal
Life cycle assessment (LCA) has emerged as an important tool for understanding the environmental footprint of products and services, with inventory analysis and life cycle impact assessment (LCIA) helping to itemize and quantify environmental impacts. 

With an increasing understanding of the environmental mechanisms as well as more and better data, we are continuing to reduce the uncertainty in the results. The ongoing intellectual investment and refinement make them powerful tools today.

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