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Sustainability Consulting Services, including Critical Reviews

Our Consulting Services Can Help You
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Every sustainability project – and every organization – is unique. That’s why we offer so many sustainability consulting options, for anything from planning a sustainable design project (DFS) using our professional sustainability consulting services, preparing a report (such as EPDs, PCRs, or Eco Friendly Product Labels), critical reviews or LCA / Life Cycle Assessment guidance. To take advantage of our hourly consulting services, please fill out a brief form - consulting services request and we'll get back to you as soon as we can.


Our sustainability consulting services include research, critical reviews, reports, product labels or LCA guidance and more.Are You Wondering What S-ROI is or Do You Need to Know More About the Business Case for It?   

Sustainable Return on Investment (S-ROI) is one of today’s hottest topics – an enabler for better decision-making and risk avoidance on large-scale projects for corporations and government. Learn more about how S-ROI can work for you and your organization’s top-level management.

Free series of S-ROI webinars are offered through 2018 that will provide you with new knowledge and sustainability perspectives that can make a big difference for you and your organization. Follow this link to visit our Brown Bag Webinar information and Register today.  

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Our team has provided professional consulting services to the worldwide sustainability community since 2000, working with corporations large and small, governmental agencies, and NGOs on a diverse range of projects – from multi-year collaborations to quick reviews. We’ve learned that the most successful relationships are built on pragmatic, goal-oriented work that solves today’s problems and helps prepare our clients to handle tomorrow’s challenges more effectively.

EarthShift Global’s extensive knowledge and experience provides a novel, forward looking approach as well as specific insights – even during the proposal process. If you’re looking for a fresh approach that no one else will think about, call or email, we’ll do the rest!

A Wide Range of Sustainable Consulting Options, Tailored to Your Needs

Whether you’re embarking on a major strategic initiative or simply want a reality check on an assessment, EarthShift Global can provide cost-effective, time-efficient assistance.

You’ll work directly with our team of experts, who have hands-on experience in a diverse range of industries. And they’re available online by the hour, on the phone or on-site, for ongoing collaboration or one-time help.

We’ll gladly provide more information, or respond to your Request for Proposal.

How We Work with Clients . . . What You Can Expect

In any consulting situation, our first priority is to identify and achieve your goals.

  • Do you need to understand where your company has leverage in the world of sustainability?
  • Prove the value of a process change or product redesign?
  • Ensure that your LCA report can stand up to tough scrutiny?

We can bring directly related experience to bear on these and many other scenarios – both in terms of sustainability principles and practices, and on the equally important challenge of successfully conveying persuasive information to managers, co-workers, investors, and other audiences.

At every step, we draw not only on our client experiences but also on the knowledge we’ve developed as part of the global sustainability community. Our team members help set international standards, identify important research, and plan key conferences – and it all helps them serve you better, in the collaborative spirit that we bring to all our work.

In addition, we’re big believers in helping our clients add to their knowledge base, so we always work with an eye towards training and skill improvement. We can even combine consulting and educational services to create a learn-by-doing curriculum that focuses on the exact skills that you and your colleagues need the most. This approach reflects our corporate mission, to help organizations establish better relationships with the world and its natural resources, own your personal values and aspirations – we have helped train many of today’s most prominent sustainability experts, and take pride in helping advance your organization’s skills and capabilities.

“It has been a great pleasure for OTR Wheel Engineering’s Green Carbon division to work with EarthShift Global on greenhouse gas (GHG) reduction at our tire recycling operations. I remember saying after our first conference call in 2013 that our partnership with Lise Laurin and her team would be long and productive, and that has very much proven to be the case. The entire Green Carbon organization has benefitted from their expertise and guidance as we’ve achieved market leadership in GHG reduction and sustainability, and we look forward to a long future of working together on new opportunities to leave a cleaner and healthier environment for generations to come.”
— Warren Boelhouwer, Green Carbon Division of OTR Wheel Engineering
     Pioneers in GHG Reduction. Leaders in Scrap Tire Solutions.

A Word About Our Data Policy

Before engaging any sustainability consultant, ask about their policy on data ownership and be sure you understand the implications of their answer. At EarthShift Global, we have a simple policy:

  • Data collected in the course of your project is yours, and you’re free to use it however you like. Export it, share it with others, publish where and when you want.
  • We even offer to put it in an online model that you can access and work with yourself.

To us, that’s just common sense, and reflective of sustainability philosophy and the scientific spirit. But you might find that other consultants do things differently, in ways that can constrain your activities going forward. Be an educated client!