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Nature’s Powerful Lessons for Leaders of Sustainable Enterprises

Photo of Steve Jones, CEO of Great Blue Heron LLC
What can businesspeople learn from Nature? Plenty, says educator and leadership consultant Stephen Jones, who shares the story of a private lesson he received one morning in Alaska.


Business Logic Says Energy Star Should Stay in the EPA

Environmental Protection Agencys or EPA, Energy Star logo
Everyone wants to eliminate government waste but the Energy Star program is the opposite of wasteful. It deserves to keep its current status and funding under the EPA.

Getting Rid of New CAFE or Fuel Economy Standards—Another Auto Industry Bailout?

BMWs i3 electric vehicle (boasts an EPA-estimated mileage equivalent of 124 miles per gallon) was seen motoring in Rome.
If new CAFE auto fuel economy standards are rolled back, who would benefit and who would lose out? The latter group seems like it might be larger.

Horizon Scan: A Great Resource for Science Fictional Thinkers

I recently wrote about the importance of envisioning the future and using “science fictional thinking”  to advance our sustainability thinking – and now I’m very happy to be able to share a terrific source for practitioners who’d like some thought-provoking and up-to-the-minute ideas in that realm.

The Invoice of the Future

What is needed is this kind of traceability – a paper trail - for the environmental and social cost of the goods we purchase as well.  Where is the environmental invoice that travels with goods as they move up the chain?